Field Engineer Management

Arrange work procedures and access live data on the go with the Mercury Field Services Mobile Application. Mercury is the solution to any issues with regards to unorganised workflow systems.

Working alongside back-office communications, the application allows you to simply assign jobs, providing engineers with detailed work arrangements. Job location, tasks to be completed along with necessary items will be submitted through the application, therefore individual engineers are aware of travel routes and required stock. As a result this will prevent employee frustration and reduce costs due to wasted journeys or missing orders.

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With tracking function the application ensures jobs are effectively completed, accurately recording start to finish times. Other key advantages include a visible performance chart of completed tasks, encouraging maximum output to any given operation. Overall Mercury will improve the service you provide as an organisation.

Real-Time Visiblity of work details from the convenience of whereever you are.
Your engineers can access job details at the touch of a phone, resolving any hassle and employee frustration.
Improve Your Business eliminating major paper systems to guarantee a more organised workforce where jobs are completed efficiently.
Save Time & Money by removing wasted journeys than could have been prevented.
Up-to-Date with any changes in job details Mercury Mobile will transfer to the engineer immediately.
Maintain & Maximise Work Performance with visible access to monitor workflows.
Simple Design & Easy-to-Use layouts which can be modified to suit with little IT experience.
Remote System Support ensures that we can quickly and efficiently assist you with any queries through access to your live platform.